Richard Robberts

Richard Robberts

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Richard Roberts

Head coach

Richard Robberts


Eleiko Strength Coach​
CrossFit Level 2 Coach​
Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist​


“My main aim is to focus on building the best all round athlete every person is able to become.“

Richard has been part of the fitness world since a young age starting off with swimming, gymnastics and karate on a competitive level.

Expanding his sporting interests to Triathlons, Obstacle Course Races and CrossFit, Richard found his passion for helping others become stronger, faster and fitter.

From all the years of coaching a wide variety of clients, he has a broad understanding of helping people no matter their age, abilities or understanding of exercise.

Raised in South Africa within a very sporty family, Richard attributes his passion to learn new skills and become stronger to his parents always pushing him to try new sports and get good at them.

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